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A journey to the Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo
I stayed two years in Australia and visited many places in Sydney, which is still memorable to me. Among the most exciting place to me was Taronga Zoo. Before visiting the zoo, I had a mental preparation in the previous night and the day I visited the zoo was a holiday. So no work and only enjoy.

In the morning, I got on a bus from Maroubra junction to Circular Quay. After I reach there, I got on a ferry. I enjoyed the sights of the ocean and the surrounding places. It was green and high lands. There were little islands in the ocean. Seabirds and albatrosses were hunting fishes, which looked charming. By the by within an hour I reached to Taronga. There remained another excitement for me. I took a ticket, was carried to the zoo by the help of ropeway, and was my first experience of riding on a ropeway. The animals in the zoo were kept in such a manner as if they are living in their own places. I entered in a dark places like a tunnel where the snakes (poisonous and non-poisonous) were kept. Some of the snakes laid egg in front of the visitors and some were changing their skins. Although the all were put into cases made of glass.

The chimpanzees were playing like jumping and swinging with the ropes as if they were in a jungle in their own places. However, the tigers look bit tired and ashamed of the people. The dolphins and sea lions were swimming which attracted many visitors. However, I missed to sea big kangaroos only tiny sizes of kangaroos dishearten me. Then come to the birds. There were various types of birds from parrots to owls and at this moment I m not able to name of the birds. A people was showing circus by a parrot which was flying, bringing letters, talking and showing much more physical attitudes according to the direction of his master.

After visiting the animals, I became tired and I took my lunch there. There exist restaurants where you can take food. To tell you frankly I enjoyed my visit to the zoo, which I may not able to express in a few words but I would like to recommend you that if you get any chance do not miss to visit Taronga Zoo.
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