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Childrens Behaviour

Childrens Behaviour
Parenting Tips

Consistency and time is the key

Hi Everyone
I have been involved in childcare for 20 years. I would like to share the most important thing I have learnt in that time that has helped me with handling childrens inappropriate behaviour.
Be consistent in your expectations. Don't have one set of rules for today but another for tomorrow!
Trust me children children love boundaries they will feel more secure if they know what is expected from them.
And always present a united front. That is mum and dad have the same rules - don't ever correct each other in front of the children. Again be consistent follow through with each others rules/guidelines even if you are separated.
Your household will be calmer and your children will be calmer if everyone knows what is and isn't accepted.
But don't forget to have fun with your children. A lot of childrens behaviour stems from good old attention seeking because they want you to be involved in their play. Get down and play blocks or cars or take them for that nature walk.
Remember always spend time not money on your children you will be the one rewarded in the long run.
Hope this sparks something in you - go on go and play with your littlie!

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