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PS2 vs XBOX vs Game Cube

PS2 vs XBOX vs Game Cube
Computer and Hardware Reviews

Which is better

Ok before i start Gamecube is already ruled out as the best console as it doesnt have a dvd player, the graphics arent good and there are a limited amount of games available to buy.

The PS2 was the first console to be brought out. That is why it has the biggest amount of games available. The graphics are alright but i beleive the XBOX graphics are a slight bit better.

The pricing between the PS2 and XBOX are the same. They both cost around $250 with games ranging from $20-$100.

Final Verdict
I would buy the PS2 it might not have the best graphics but it has so many games to choose from. With games for kid and games for adults the PS2 can suite anybody. Here are the final placings

Rating: 3.13 (45 votes) - Added: 3/2/2005
No. of read total: 5725 - No. of read this month: 2
Comments: 1 - Write a comment

yep you are so right, the ps2 is the better one, the majority of us really do own this one.
Comment by mitzy
Date: 6/4/2005

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