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All Offers on this page are FREE offers
unless otherwise stated

The following require special terms and conditions per offer.
Please read these terms and conditions on each form before visiting the site.
Only take up the offer if you are willing to complete the requested task in the terms and conditions.

If you have signed up for an offer already, here or somewhere else, the advertiser
will not send back an approval, which means we will not credit points.
Sorry, that is the rules. Advertisers word is final, for both of us.

Australian Offers

Join Ozziebids- See details in the latest 13-8 newsletter for the link
5 E-Points for signing up

Blush - Register to Get a FREE Makeover and Photoshoot and also a chance to win a 20 x 24 inch portrait valued at $612. Blush- Melbourne's best professional glamour portrait photography studio. This offer only open to Melbourne members
8 E-Points for signing up

Pureprofile Australia - pureprofile sends you marketing campaigns aligned to your interests and lifestyle, and pays you for your time, attention and feedback. By joining pureprofile, you'll get great offers that will save you time and money. 5 E-Points for a fully completed registeration from this link above and activating your email address with the pureprofile service. Make sure to complete your profile

Join Oztion - Join OZtion during the month of August 2006 for a chance to win one of five x $50 OZtion shopping vouchers. Membership is Free
5 E-Points for signing up, confirming membership.

Survey Club - Join today and you're automatically entered in the surveuclub $10000 giveaway. Paid surveys are perfect for all students, stay-at-home moms, and
anyone else that needs to make extra money ... and it's FREE!
5 E-Points for signing up and confirming your account.

Email-Lotto - Play Many Free Games and Win Many Cash Prizes, Win up to $1,000.000.00 in Cash
7 E-Points for signing up, confirming your account and playing a few tickets. Please foward to us your comfirmation email you receive from them so we can credit your points.

Valued Opinions Australian Survey - Did you know you could get paid for simply giving your opinions? Companies in Australia and throughout the world are always interested in the opinions of Australians to better understand their needs and wants.
10 E-Points for signing up and confirming your account.
Only paying for MALE sign up at the moment so get the male in your home to sign up.

Lightspeed Research Australia - As part of the Lightspeed Consumer Panel, you'll be joining other Australians who offer their opinions on products and services and affect the way a company markets its products or services. As a panellist, you will be invited by email to participate in online surveys. Taking online surveys is quick, easy, and rewarding.
15 E-Points for signing up and confirming your account.

Join SpiderMetrix - For every test you are invited to do, and you accept, you will earn spiderPoints
4 E-Points for signing up, completing profile and taking first survey.

OzLotteries - Create a new account and they'll deposit $5 into your lotto account for FREE! plus you get reward points from us.
6 E-Points for creating a new account and playing at least one lotto game

Play and Win - Sign up for a free account.
3 E-Points for a completed signup and confirmation of account

Work at Home Business- FREE INFO! - Must not use false information!!
20 E-Points for a completed and confirmed application

E-bay Australia - Register and create a account with E-bay Australia, A registration is considered active when the user places a bid on an item or uses our Buy It Now (BIN) feature to purchase an item on eBay within 30 days of their initial registration.
100 E-Points for a completed registration and placing a bid or listing a auction within 20 days

Quickflix free trial aWant to rent DVDs for FREE? Click here for a Free Trial. QuickFlix - The Smart Way to Rent DVDs.
20 E-Points for completing the free trial period offer fully.

Have a look at some of the follow online retailers. Earn reward points buying from any listed website. Reward points will vary in value depending on retailer

Don't forget that you will receive reward points
for any item purchased thru our shopping section



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