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Problems collecting DAILY or NEWSLETTER (codeword) offers

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 2:22 pm
Post subject : Problems collecting DAILY or NEWSLETTER (codeword) offers
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If you are having problems collecting DAILY or NEWSLETTER reward points, please follow the procedure below.

The only difference between Daily and Newsletter points is that
Daily can be collected once ever 24 hrs as Newsletter requires a codeword from each newsletter you read and can only be used once per codeword. The Newsletter page will have an extra field to add the codeword you will find in your newsletter.

If the following doesn't work, tell us at what step it failed. This will help us advise what your problem could be.

1 You're logged in as yourself and checked that it says you're logged in.

2 You have gone to the members area.(Always access it from the members area) -

3 Clicked on the link,

~ Collect Daily Bonus E-Points
~ Collect newsletter bonus E-Points
4 You should see a form that is labelled, Daily Bonus E-points.

5a [color=yellow:c7edfc5d42](DAILY POINTS only)[/color:c7edfc5d42] In the form at the bottom you will see a text box marked "Enter Security code from above", type in the black numbers and letters from the security image above it.

5b [color=yellow:c7edfc5d42](NEWSLETTER POINTS only)[/color:c7edfc5d42] In the middle of the form you will see a text box marked "Codeword from contest newsletter" this is where you put the code you find in the newsletter (lower case) then at the bottom you will see a text box marked"Enter Security code from above", type in the black numbers and letters from the security image above it.

6 You click submit button

7 You should be taken to [code:1:c7edfc5d42] [/code:1:c7edfc5d42]with a countdown timer in the top section(frame), and a sponsor or advertisers page the rest of the page. Wait until the counter reaches zero and tells you the points are credited and to "click here to go back to members area".

8 If you don't reach this point your reward points will not be credited.

[color=white:c7edfc5d42][b:c7edfc5d42]Possible main reasons you are not credited points. [/b:c7edfc5d42][/color:c7edfc5d42]

* Not waiting to see the message, points credited.

* Security settings of your Web Browser. Our system works perfectly fine with default settings of all web browsers; we may get 1 or 2 support emails from members who have adjusted custom security settings in the browsers options. As we don't know what you have adjusted, all we can suggest is you add to your trusted sites under security and check if that fixes the problem.
IE users - Microsoft page on how to add a trusted website
Firefox featured options

* Third Party Internet Security software on your computer set to high, stopping the counter showing, disabling JavaScript, freezing it from counting or causing it to disappear before reaching zero.
[b:c7edfc5d42]This is the main reason for points not being credited.[/b:c7edfc5d42]
As there are so many security programs available we would not be able to keep up with instructions on how to edit the settings for our reward system to work with your brand software you are using.
I normally try to get members to see if the software has a section to add trusted sites or (URL’s ) also could be known as a whitelist. At least try once disabling the software for the 30 secs as a test to see if that is the cause of the problem.

* Popup stopper software stopping the gateway window

* Advertisers website breaking frame.( This is not common at all but may slip through our checks from time to time.
[size=9:c7edfc5d42](We will know when this happens as we will have all members accounts not being credited not just yours)[/size:c7edfc5d42]

Remember, we have had thousands of members claiming reward points since Jan-2005 without a problem so if you are having difficulties collecting points, it has to be a setting or update in software you are using on your end.

We will try and help out member who want to be helped but you have to help us by following the above steps first and try our test we have mentioned. If you are using third party internet security software, tell us what brand and if you have just updated the version etc.

I hope this has helped you.
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