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E-Points, what are they & how to collect them - Part 1

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 5:58 pm
Post subject : E-Points, what are they & how to collect them - Part 1
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Easycash reward points, known as E-Points, are only for members of the Easycash website. We want to reward members for visiting the Easycash site regularly, taking time to read our newsletter, taking part in quizzes or memory games in the forum, taking up special offers that you have in your members area and shopping with various retailers from our site.

[color=darkred:b9d2c9c87c]Q How do I collect these points?[/color:b9d2c9c87c]

All reward points and offers can be accessed from your [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/members.html]members area [/url]page.

The first item you will see is your [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/members.html]referral code (URL)[/url]
Use this to promote Easycash to your friends and contacts. If you tell anybody about Easycash, give them this address, When they join and earn more than 100 E-Points, we will reward you also by placing 100 E-points in your account as well. If you have already referred people you can check how they are going by visiting [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/user.php?action=view_referred_users]here[/url].

Any other special contest referral codes that you can use to help promote the site and/or get soecial bonuses or rewards show up next.

The third item on the list is [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/shopping.html]Earn Rewards shopping. [/url]. We have set up a special FAQ page for shopping section which will be online soon.

Next on the page, [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/link_submit.php]Earn 5 E-Points submitting a new Contest or Freebie[/url].
Help us find all the known contests, competitions and free offers that are out there. If you know of any that we haven't got [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/link_submit.php]submit them to our database[/url] and if we publish them you will earn 5 E-Points for every new contest or free offer you add. There are some rules that do apply but check the submit page for that.

Continuing down the page we have, [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/article_submit.php]Earn up to 20 E-Points writing an Article for the website [/url]Basically the same as above but you have to be the aurthor of the article or review. It can be about a good book you have read, a movie you just saw, maybe a new game you have played plus many more topics. If you wnat to add a new topic that you can write a lot of reviews on, drop us a line and we might add it for you. The better your article the better the points you will get. It has to be interesting, informative and enough details to make it worth while for somebody to read it and get something out of it. Here is another FAQ on [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12]writing reviews[/url].

Next, [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/gateway.php?n=14]Collect Daily Bonus E-Points [/url]. This is where we will give you reward points for visiting us each day. The trick that confuses most members is you need to wait 24hr in between collecting the daily points or you will get an error message.
An example is, It is Monday morning and you have clicked the daily points link. It takes you to a page saying how many points you will earn and a security code image and a box to write what code you will see. Enter the code and click submit. You will be shown a page of one of our advertisers or sponsors for a set amount of time. On top of their page will be a small window with information on it like Daily Bonus E-Points and a countdown timer. Wait until the timer reaches 0 secs and the page informs you the points were credited. We have a step by step FAQ if you are [url=http://www.easycash.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=61]having troubles [/url].

[url=http://www.easycash.com.au/page.php?page=page_bonuspoints]Special Offers [/url] [size=9:b9d2c9c87c][color=orange:b9d2c9c87c]I will do only a quick explanation as hopefully we will be changing the way this works shortly[/color:b9d2c9c87c][/size:b9d2c9c87c].
This area is split up in different country offers, Australia | Canada | New Zealand | United States | UK | Worldwide.

[b:b9d2c9c87c]Let me start by saying that all offers on these pages are FREE to join, take up or trial.[/b:b9d2c9c87c]

If you see an offer that you are interested in, click on its name and you will be taken to its gateway page. Any further special instruction will be found on this gateway page. Again you will see a security image and an area to write down the code from that image, click the submit bottom and you will be taken to the special offer you selected. Complete any special requirements we may have asked and reply to any confirmation email that are required. Most special offers required to be processed manually by us and we need to see reports from the advertiser or ad agency to confirm you did take up the offer and followed any special requirements.
We may mention in the weekly newsletter for you to have all manual reward points and shopping claims processed, validated & allocated.
What this means is to forward us any emails or copies of receipts (if from the shopping section) that shows you have completed the offer or proves too us you claim is valid and we can cross match it with the other data we have on hand and allocate points to you.

In Part 2 we will cover the remaining sections
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